Welcome to Ningbo Tianan Smart Grid Technology Co.,Ltd
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Welcome to Ningbo Tianan Smart Grid Technology Co.,Ltd
Founded in Xiangshan, Ningbo in July 2011, Ningbo Tianan Smart Grid Technology Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "Tianan Smart Grid") has established our R&D center, postdoctoral workstation and two subsidiary companies: Ningbo Tianzhi Electric Technology Co.,Ltd and Ningbo Rongcan Electric Engineering Co.,Ltd in Ningbo High-tech Zone. Mainly engaged in R&D, production, sales, installation, construction and maintenance services of intelligent transformer and distribution complete sets of electrical appliances, switch components, smart devices and automation systems in the fields of smart grid, new energy generation, etc. Tianan Smart Grid nurtures enterprises for national high and new technology enterprises, National Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, national specialty and new “Little Giant” enterprises, and single champion of Ningbo manufacturing industry.
10 Years On
Date:01/10/2022 15:51:01
Tianzhi TechnologyXGZ10-40.5 Box Type Gas-insulated Full-sealed Switchgear  Successfully Developed
Date:01/10/2022 15:42:20

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